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Quotes about "Valuation in Life Sciences"

From linkedIn:

"Hi, Can anyone please suggest the books, Journal or web links about how to value biotech or pharmaceutical companies... Thanks.."

  • "The best I have found is Villiger & Bogdan's text on valuation of tech co's (...)"
  • "The best book so far is Boris Bogdan and Ralph Villiger "Valuation in Life Sciences-A practical guide", Springer. Go also to created by B&V (...)"
  • "Villiger & Bogdan's comprehensive book on project & company valuations (...)"
  • "I can also recommend Ralph and Boris's excellent text and it's well worth visiting the Avance website which hosts a number of articles relating to valuation. (...)"
  • "Hello every one, I recommend also Villiger & Bogdan's works (...)"
  • "I tend to refer a lot to the book Valuation in Life Sciences by Villiger & Bogdan (...)"
"(...) Again, I thank you for the text, it hits the mark. I just wish I discovered it three years ago."


"This book is an excellent overview of business development valuation and great for those who want to catch up on some techniques and tools. It gives an accurate picture of BD in pharma. For those in the business, you may have to skip some easy parts but it remains a very valuable tool. "

"Got this as a gift for someone in the field who had previously expressed a desire to own it but was not happy with the prices he found in Canada. Great price for an important reference."


"Excellent ouvrage, précis et documenté, sur les méthodes de valorisation des entreprises agissant dans le domaine des sciences de la vie. "


"The authors always keep the necessary rigour to make the book a valuable reference to professionals such as business developers, investment bankers, or analysts. They dedicate various sections to the valuation of complex license contracts; and all valuations are conducted with DCF and real options. The part about license contracts with examples from the industry provides a unique insight in the mechanisms of the industry that is difficult to get elsewhere. Even reports that cost thousands of dollars do not match this book. But the book goes beyond business development and also treats company valuation and strategic decision-making, an often underestimated task, especially in biotech. The real options part makes it an excellent textbook for students as well. Nonetheless, "Valuation in Life Sciences" addresses also the financial beginner with guided and easy-to-understand examples in Excel. I highly recommend the book to everyone in financial biotech. "

"Although the editing and grammar are not perfect, the content and discussion contained in "Valuation in Life Sciences" is excellent. The Swiss authors provide a practical guide to what mathematical tools gives meaningful valuations and why some widely-quoted figures on the cost of getting a drug approved are seriously misleading. Although there are quite a lot of formulae the explanations are very good, allowing this life scientist, at least, to follow the authors' arguments. Recommended for anyone planning to be involved in the development of a biotech venture (whether as a manager or as an investor)."





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