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High Finance in Biotech?

A few examples of sophisticated finance deals.

It is well known that several hedge funds look into biotech companies, and sometimes use some sort of insider knowledge to speculate on trial outcomes and the subsequent move of the share price. But sometimes also biotech companies themselves try to excel in the
field of quantitative finance. We cite two examples.


24/10/2011 and 25/10/2011
License Contract and Company Valuation in Excel
San Diego - USA


Survey about discount rates in pharma and biotech
Survey of industry professionals by Biostrat and Avance about the discount rates for biotech companies.

The effect of taxes on the value of start-up companies
Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis

Valuation Book

Valuation in Life Sciences 3rd Edition
"Valuation in Life Sciences. A Practical Guide" has become the industry reference book. It has now been released already in its 3rd edition.

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License Contract and Company Valuation:
2-day workshop in San Diego

Avance holds a 2-days' workshop on company valuation in San Diego (24/25 October). The first day will cover project and license valuation. On the second day we will touch company valuation with delicate topics like cost of capital, taxes, and Monte Carlo simulations. All topics will be put into practice with a case study in Excel.

San Diego Workshop >

ri:val: Negotiate your deals with ri:val

ri:val has evolved from a valuation software to an important negotiation and planning tool. Clients from pharma, biotech, universities, and the investor community use ri:val to

  • Evaluate term sheets,
  • Elaborate counter-offers,
  • Read and interpret benchmark deals,
  • Value the company,
  • Run various clinical scenarios,
  • Define liquidity needs,
  • Plan resource allocation,
  • Compare different strategies.

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