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Co-Development Deals - How to Determine a Fair Share?

Co-development deals are an attractive alternative to plain out-licensing. We explain in the following article how to easily value those deals using our virtual company approach.

  Biotech Taxes - Effects on Valuation?

Taxation of biotech companies is not important when performing a valuation, you might think. Most valuations underestimate the tax effect by wrongly implementing tax in their spreadsheet calculation. We show in the following article the effect of taxes on valuation and how to correctly apply the insights.

San Francisco 6th June - San Diego 16th June 2008

Pre- BIO Workshop: License Contract Valuation in Excel

Professionalise Your Financial Risk Management

Banks invented financial risk management. For the measurement of potential value losses of their investment portfolios, the banks use value at risk (VaR), the standard risk measure in finance. With ri:val investors and pharmaceutical portfolio managers can measure and communicate for the first time the risks of their portfolios with VaR.

  • Measure the value distribution of the portfolio in five years.
  • Determine the loss only exceeded in 10% worst cases.
  • Communicate your risk exposure to your investors in a clear way.
  • Prioritise your projects with respect to the overall portfolio risk.


The guide to valuation in pharma and biotech. Now in the 2nd edition.

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