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P/E Ratio for Biotech Valuation

Analysts have developed some strange short-cuts to value companies that do not fit the standard model of profitability and forecastability like biotech. We take a closer look at the P/E ratio.

  Multi-indication Deals - How to Value Them

Many compounds offer themselves for the treatment of various indications. When licensing such compounds, the valuation of tiered royalties and commercial milestones contains some pitfalls. In this article we explain how to handle and use them to negotiate better deal terms.

Copenhagen 22nd September 2008

License Contract Valuation in Excel

Sensitivity Analysis of License Contracts

In the folllowing we will discuss the results when using ri:val for the sensitivity analysis of license contracts. We will see how biotech and pharma have different sensitivities and how these can be relevant when negotiating license deals:

  • Differences in sensitivity between pharma and biotech.
  • Levers to use when negotiating a deal.
  • Value drivers for biotech and pharma.
  • Impact of diverging assumptions in the valuation.


The guide to valuation in pharma and biotech. Now in the 2nd edition.

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