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Survey on financial crisis:

More, but less spectacular deals expected

Avance conducted a survey amongst industry practitioners about the effect of the current financial crisis on biotech and pharma companies. Potential licensors and licensees alike agree that there will be more deals, but companies with cash will make use of their better bargaining position.



Company Valuation in Excel
Hotel Zürichberg.

License Contract Valuation in Excel
Vancouver - CANADA

Company Valuation in Excel
London - UK

Company Valuation in Excel
Boston - USA

Company Valuation in Excel
New York- USA


Valuation Book

Valuation in Life Sciences
Become a valuation expert yourself. "Valuation in Life Sciences. A Practical Guide" has become the industry reference book.

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Funny valuations:
Very special methods to value biotech

If you think valuation is boring then take a look at this article. We present some interesting, albeit wrong valuation methods, and some rather adventurous thoughts about how value could be determined.


ri:val: Manage the crisis

Our survey demonstrated clearly that deal-making will become more important. Biotech companies can design and value the most sophisticated license contracs with ri:val. You can match the valuation teams of big pharma and save costs for consultants.

Investors can finally quantify their portfolio and communicate clearly to their investors what the risks and outlook of their positions are.


Company Valuation Workshops:
Prepare your own Excel sheet

Due to the large interest Avance holds a series of 2-days' workshops on company valuation. The first day will cover project and license valuation. On the second day we will touch company valuation with delicate topics like cost of capital, taxes, and Monte Carlo simulations. All topics will be put into practice with a case study in Excel. Scheduled venues include Zürich, London, Boston, and New York.


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