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Corporate Valuations

We value life science companies for either the buy or sell side. Unlike most valuation firms we do not perform black box valuations. Our genuine approach avoiding terminal value and our models to elaborate discount rates create a sound understanding of the valuation. You will convince your investors and understand the firmís potential and risk on a new level.

The process

The valuation of a life science company includes the analysis and valuation of all its parts:

  • Development projects in the pipeline today
  • Future development projects based on the feed rate
  • Technologies
  • Cash
  • Burn rate
  • Tax & tax credits

Interviews with the corporate management and with our specialists network ensure that the valuation is based on sound input parameters and not on gut feeling.

The discount rate for the valuation is elaborated for each company individually based on a genuine model that takes into account the development stage of the pipeline projects, the indications, the risk, the costs and the strategy.

The valuation is performed using rNPV (DCF with success rates) and with real options.

The results

A corporate valuation typically includes the following results:

  • Value of projects
  • Pipeline value
  • Tax value
  • Company value
  • Monte Carlo simulations of company value
  • Risk analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • P&L
  • Value development
  • Scenario analysis for different pipeline outcomes
    • P&L
    • Value development
    • Company value


corporate Valuation graph
Forecasted P&L Statement

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