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Deal Terms in Alzheimer's Disease 2000 - 2014

The report "Alzheimer Deals 2000 - 2014" takes a detailed look at the deals that have been closed between biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Alzheimer's disease is a large potential market and the deal terms are in general high. But the risk involved in the development has proven to be unsurmountable so far. By 2014 several projects of the so-called disease-modifying wave have failed; some were licensed projects, other were invented in the developing companies.

The report does not simply reproduce the deal figures that were displayed in the press releases. No, the report contains a valuation analysis of each deal. How are the milestones distributed? What royalty rates are reasonable? What sales figures have the parties calculated with? The report presents the answers.

This report is of great helo and importnace to anybody involved in business development for Alzheimer products. Sales assumptions and royalty rates are almost never disclosed. With insight from valuation these parameters are distilled from the 21 deals. The reader knows what deal terms are standard for any stage of development.

Authors: Masako Amemiya and Ralph Villiger

Date: July, 2014.




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